Everything's Coming Up Neon.

Sugar Bunny has assorted white glitters accented with neons in a translucent soft white shimmering base. 

BirdBrain Blue has scattered cyan, turquoise, magenta, neon blue and green, neon pink and pastel satin aqua glitters in a soft, translucent robin's egg aqua base with matching shimmer. 

Très Chic, Duckie Dear has yellow and orange neons, orange holographic microglitter all in a clear, pink-shimmered base. 

Crocus Pocus contains periwinkle, lavender, white, neon purple and blue iridescent flecks in a strong lavender-blue-shimmered base. Note the wizardry of Spring with assorted moons and stars. 

Candy Blossom is made with pastel pink satin, neon pink and green, white as well as yellow glitters in a clear pink-shimmered base. 

Beleaf is Magic. contains neon yellow and green, lime microglitter accented with various vivid red and pink glitters. Clear base.

Eggstra Pretty! has scattered assorted neon, pastel satin and matte glitters in a soft, translucent lavender-white base with subtle lilac shimmer. 

Her Name is Petal is a multi-glitter with assorted neon, pastel satin and matte glitters in a multi-shimmer clear base.

Everything's Coming Up Neon is available now at www.Lynnderella.com.

Thank you.

2 March 2013