Groundhog Day.

LoveLight is a translucent pastel fuchsia with strong hot pink shimmer and blue flecks. Soft and delicate as a topping. Subtle prettiness on a French manicure. (It does not darken the Tranzitional China Glaze like topcoat, but brings out a vivid periwinkle.)

Blue Rouge contains assorted periwinkle and lilac glitter with pink shimmer. 

Sugared Violet has assorted lavender, periwinkle and white glitters in a purple-sparked clear base. Lavender and white hearts with violet microglitter and pinpoint blue iridescence are scattered in the mix.

Parfait d’Amour contains red and violet glitters mixed with red hearts and blue iridescent flecks in a strong blue-shimmered base. 

S.W.A.K. (sealed with a kiss) is another liquid valentine multiglitter: assorted red, white, pink with a hint of gold in a base spiked with hot pink shimmer. Also contains scattered pink, white, red and gold hearts.

Mon Petit ChouChou (my little cabbage head) features a translucent lavender-shimmered peach base with assorted pink, lavender and translucent white glitter as well as scattered hearts and flowers.

The Key to Her Heart has warm pink, coral and a hint of assorted gold glitter shapes in a shimmering sheer coral base. Also includes gold, coral, pink and white hearts accented with sheer pink flowers.

Chocolove Cherry contains brown, red and opaque bubblegum pink glitter (stars, hearts, squares) in a clear base. Originally conceived as chocolate cherries, but by a happy accident, colour combination may sometimes resemble Bing cherries, too.

The Groundhog Day Collection will be available on ebay beginning Friday, 11 January 2013.

Thank you.

10 January 2013