Peripinkle contains assorted periwinkle and pink glitter in a clear blue-shimmered base.

Lady on a Lily Pad is made with pastel green and pink glitters with neon green accents in a mint-shimmered clear base. 

Spring Thing is a scattered multiglitter featuring a bouquet of flowers in a pink-shimmered translucent pink creme base.

Are You Bouquet? contains white, neon, iridescent rainbow and pastel glitters in a multi-shimmered clear base. 

Lilac Tulip is made with assorted lilac, violet and iridescent blue glitters accented with nearly neon red in a blue-violet-shimmered subtle violet base.

Everybunny Loves You. contains pastel multiglitter with a microglitter overlay. Clear base.

Blossom Was So Peachy! is made with assorted peach, pink, coral and iridescent blue glitters in a translucent warm pink-shimmered peach base.

Are Those Eggs Holo? features bright green holo-accented glitter with pastel and bright accents in a clear base. 

Fairy Blue Belle contains assorted blue, periwinkle and aqua glitters in an aqua-shimmered translucent blue base.

The Spring Things Collection will be available today at lynnderella.comThank you. 

27 March 2015