Partridge in a Pear Tree…..yes, what we lack in originality, we hope to make up for with sparkle… The first member of the collection is the traditional green, red and gold holiday glitter bomb with warm pink shimmer in a clear base.

Two Turtledoves has assorted grey, lilac, black and silver with multiglitter accents in an intense blue-violet shimmered translucent grey base.

Three French Hens—we know they are French because they are wearing navy with black. Multishimmered clear base with black, navy, green, red and iridescent blue glitters.

Four Calling Birds has red, green, blue and yellow glitters in a multishimmered clear base.

Five Golden Rings is made with holographic white and yellow gold rings (or dots) mixed with other gold glitters in a gold-shimmered clear base.

Six Geese Laughing has assorted shades of green with a subtle multiglitter accent and mint shimmer. Clear base. Geese find glitter hilarious.

Seven Swans Swimming has a multishimmered translucent base with white, silver and pink matte glitters and microglitter, as well as a few tiny holographic silver stars. Lovely over pastels and sheers.

Eight Maids Minting contains assorted mint, gold and neon glitters in a mint-shimmered clear base.

Nine Drummers Dreaming is a mixture of purple, red and green accented with white glitter in a violet-shimmered clear base.

Ten Pipers Pinking is pure cool pink holographic heaven. Pink holographic, fuchsia and iridescent blue microglitter with strong blue shimmer in a cool pink base. This formula can be opaque in two or three coats.

Eleven Ladies Dancing is a festive blend of reds, neon and other brights in a clear base. Like a bottle of English Christmas cake.

Twelve Lads with Lemmings is made with lavender, red and gold glitters in a lilac-, pink- and blue-shimmered clear base. They caught those lemmings from you!

The Twelve Days of Christmas Collection will be available today at lynnderella.comGlitter Connect and Norway Nails.

Warm wishes for a joyful holiday season.

Thank you. 

17 November 2013