Are You a Good Witch? and Ghouls Just Want to Have Fun!

Let's get this party started, shall we? Since we believe in starting Halloween as early as possible, here is a new limited-edition Twinset. Both lacquers come in vintage 12ml octagon-shaped bottles and each has it's own spooky blurple shimmer. It is a little-known fact that ghouls and witches get along quite famously if supplied with sparkly things.

Are You a Good Witch? is a multiglitter made with assorted black, green, purple, white and neon red glitters in a violet-blue-shimmered clear base. 

Ghouls Just Want to Have Fun! is another multiglitter made with various orange, purple, and neon glitters in a purple-shimmered subtle green-tinged clear base. 

Both lacquers will be available at later this evening, and will be in stock soon at Norway Nails and Glitter Connect.

Thank you.

6 September 2013