Devil in a Black Tie contains almost-neon-red and black glitters accented with holographic orange microglitter in a clear base

Feint of Heart is a multiglitter featuring orange hearts and warm pink-gold shimmer in a clear base.

Ghoul for Love is this year's vamp and features burgundy glitters mixed with blues and purples and intense blurple shimmer.

Bed of Nails contains white skulls and assorted white glitters as well as neon purple, neon green, orange and black in a white-shimmered base.

Sweet and Deadly contains white and pink matte glitters including hearts, shards, stars, hexagons, dots, squares, diamonds and skulls in a warm-pink-shimmered clear base

Heart of Stone has shards of holo purple, assorted iridescent and small neon purple hex glitter in a light purple base with blue and pink shimmer. 

The Haunted Hearts Collection is available at lynnderella.comGlitter Connect and Norway Nails.

Thank you.

20 September 2013