Once Upon a Prince and More ManCandy

The One Who Got Away is full of assorted black and bright coloured glitter in matte and satin finishes. Microglitter accents in a clear base. 

Mr. Pink contains assorted pinks of all sizes, shapes, finishes and attitudes. Multiglitter accents in a warm pink shimmered clear base.

AquaMan Candy is made with a cyan-shimmered cyan base saturated with cyan glitters with red, pink, white and green accents. Perfect for mermaids and mermen.

Once Upon a Prince has multiple purples accented with scattered multiglitter in a rich, translucent purple and blue shimmered purple base.

It's Raining Shaman contains neon, opaque and satin yellows and oranges with black, grey, pink, red and multiglitter. Holographic gold microglitter and multishimmer overlay in a clear base. Dragon's Blood not included.

Tidy Whities is a mixture of opaque and translucent whites with assorted tiny pastel and iridescent glitters. Multishimmer in a clear base. 

The Full Minty has satin mint and white glitters accented with several shades of green—all in an intensely sparkling mint-shimmered base.

Oh Eric...! is a love letter to Sheriff Northman—of Area 5 in Louisiana. Red metallic with neon pink, purple and red glitters in a pink-shimmered translucent red base.

Mr. Darcy was inspired by devotion to and deep love for chivalrous gentlemen who have good manners and behave courteously. It has multiple shades of grey, as well as lavender, gunmetal, periwinkle, and navy as well as a kiss of red in a clear base. 

The Once Upon a Prince and More Man Candy Collection is available at lynnderella.comGlitter Connect and Norway Nails.

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9 August 2013