Talismans and Birthstones

Garnet Grace (January) is a dense mix of red, burgundy and purple accented with green and orange microglitter in a clear base. 

Amethyst Devotion (February) is made with assorted shades and shapes of purple and lavender glitter accented with red and magenta in a multi-shimmered clear base. 

Aquamarine Calm (March) contains a variety of light cyan glitters highlighted with a sprinkle of pure cyan and scattered tiny holographic silver stars in a turquoise-shimmered clear base. 

Diamond Light (April) is a new holographic made with silver and pink dots and diamonds dusted with assorted microglitters. Clear base.

Emerald Hope (May) is a green multiglitter in a clear base. Very complex.

Moonstone Magic (June) is full of white moons and stars, assorted white shapes, various blue iridescents, tiny holographic silver stars and rainbow dust in an intense blue-shimmered clear base. 

Ruby Passion (July) is made with magenta, red, purple and rose glitters in a pink-shimmered clear base.

Peridot Power (August) contains translucent neon yellow and lime hexagons as well as chatreuse glitters accented with microglitters in a clear base.

Sapphire Starfire (September) is a dense blue multiglitter in a strong blue-shimmered clear base.

Opal Intuition (October) is all about with blue, green and orange iridescents accented with neon pink and lilac holographic microglitter in a blue-shimmered clear base. 

Topaz Optimism (November) contains assorted golds and satin yellow glitters in a clear base.

Tanzanite Truth (December) has blue violet, purple and blue glitters in a multi-shimmered clear base.

Karma Carnelian (wild card) is a mix of reds and oranges in a shimmering translucent red-orange base.

The Talismans and Birthstones Collection will be available at lynnderella.com later this evening, and will be in stock soon at Norway Nails.

Thank you.

14 June 2013