Money Is Funny.

Last year in December, I had planned to write something about Prosperity to accompany the release of the Funny Money Collection. It didn't happen since there were so many orders and then the holiday baking, etc. Maybe now is as good a time as any. Money and wealth are always fascinating, in my humble opinion.

Lynnderella did not grow up in an economically stable home. There were many challenges and tremendous insecurities developed. Something inside her was a fertile ground for worry and fear. Luckily, she really wanted to know why she was so freakishly miserable. When it came time to leave home, she went off on a quest for Help. By the Grace of GOD, help was found. So Lynnderella was able to sort out a lot of what was going on inside that had created such suffering and pain. She learned that to really feel better and happy, many layers need to be peeled away and fortunately, the Helper was able to teach her that real psychological work needs to happen on a soul level in order for lasting changes to take root. This process took decades and is still ongoing.

So why am I telling you this? I know there is much agony for many people around finances. All kinds of poisonous feelings and attitudes are promoted and taught to us when we are young. If we see someone seeming to be successful, it's so easy to be jealous. Or if they are physically beautiful. Or THIN! But if we look at that person and realize it's only a mirror of our own possibilities that is being shown to us because we are close to our wish, a doorway is opened. The cycle of misery can turn around.

Lynnderella is living proof of the transformation of poverty consciousness. [You have seen recent eBay auctions, right?] All of the collections have subtle and blatant messages about things like Self-love (Love Potion No. 99), Prosperity (Funny Money), Love and Inner Beauty (Lovely Is as Lovely Does).

The reason for these messages is that during my years on MakeUp Alley on other message boards, I saw many unhappy and sad posts. It was inspiring to often see the kindness among the members. And I was longing to share possibilities with people because I felt so very fortunate to have been able to have help to move farther away from pain. I really felt that if I can do it, anyone can. For me, the journey moves through creating things. Everyone has a different path and gifts. And different life lessons.

I know that there are many negative attitudes about me still. It's okay. I'm doing well and not suffering over this. Of course, it is unpleasant when I hear that a false thing is believed—especially when there is proof of many lies in circulation. But, the thing about negativity is that it really can only attract more of itself to the person lying or feeling a negative emotion. I spent years in the circle of that magnetic cycle. *shudder* But it is possible to be free. I would love to have a recipe for it to give out, but we all need to do the work to allow ourselves to attract our heart's desires.

I wish all of you wealth, love, prosperity and all blessings.

Thank you.

26 June 2012