From the Vault: Love Potion No. 99.

Once upon a time, several decades ago, Lynnderella fell in love. There were difficulties and confusion. Pain and heartbreak. Followed by a quest to try to make sense of the whole experience. Since she was looking for answers and reasons, she decided to try Love Potion Number Nine, and ended up binding herself to the one she loved. The suffering increased. A lot. But since she was also someone with an inquisitive mind, she wondered if maybe there was a way to bind her purest love to herself and maybe attract better experiences for the future....

I now understand that love between lovers is not always a romantic dream. Recently, in my quest for true love, my attention has been focused on what I love to create. It has been wonderful and exciting that other people love what I create. Truly a blessing and I am deeply grateful for everyone who has been part of the journey and shared my love for colour, luxury, beauty and shiny things.

While I was developing the Early Halloween Collection, I remembered Love Potion Number Nine, and decided to create a Manicure Ritual to invoke Love, Abundance, Prosperity and all blessings to anyone who would choose to participate. The violet glitter lacquer, Love Potion No. 99, is named for this, but I am certain that any colour or finish would be appropriate. It’s really about putting one’s attention on something for a few minutes. In this case, let’s try thinking about things we love and are grateful for in our lives.

This was originally posted on 9 September 2011, and was also sent with purchases of the lacquer back then. Thought you might enjoy it. Love Potion No. 99 is still one of my favourite lacquers and it felt great to offer something with an added dimension.

Thank you.

25 June 2012