A Frankenpolish, after all.

Every so often, a friend will ask me to make a custom polish. Yes, frankenpolish. I know I said I don't, but I do. How could I not if it's a friend asking? I guess when it comes to selling things with my label on them, using a store-bought polish feels like cheating since I didn't make the colour myself. But I almost always enjoy frankening and usually learn something useful. I am deeply irked at not being able to purchase the liquid dyes that are available in Australia, but we do the best we can.

Anyway, the recent request was for a colour to match a flower. A vivid violet blue flower, which I have since learned is called Lobelia. Here she is.

Lovely, isn't she? Gazing at flowers often feels like looking into the Mind of GOD. Seriously, how it it even possible that there could be this much beauty? And the language and symbolism of flowers is extremely interesting and informative.

In my experience it's tricky to try to capture colours one sees in electronic images as a lacquer. But a very good exercise/workout. Many are just impossible. But, in this case, I got lucky. Here is the recipe.

2 bottles of Ulta Pixel Color in Till I'm Blue Over You + Sinful Let's Talk + Revlon Royal

Add the two bottles of Pixel blue to an empty half-ounce bottle. 
Fill almost to the top with Sinful Let's Talk. 
Add Revlon Royal to "taste".

The result is quite sheer, but stunning. I was thinking that it might be just as effective to paint this mixture over Royal instead of adding it in. Here she is: Lobelia—We Feel 'Ya. Two thick coats plus China Glaze Fast Forward.

I think that the Pixel blue is the magic ingredient here because it's very intensely pigmented. There are other similar blues such as Sally Hansen Sturdy Sapphire and Confetti Blue Bombshell. When tested, the result was not as strong with them, but still pretty. 

And it's Friday. 

Thank you.

22 June 2012