Fiction, Facts and an Update.

Lots of eBay auction action and sales over the past few days.... I hope that profits will bring sellers even more prosperity on every level. I am delighted if Lynnderellas increase the blessings for you. And, yes, the gifts sent with Lovely is as Lovely Does private orders are fetching tidy profits for the recipients. As I have said before, gifts given with love can have no conditions.

Several people have been asking for information about the eBay store. Currently, we are thinking about auctions only for the special limited-edition and discontinued bottles. I have made a few bottles of some of the older formulas people ask about (Chartreuse Grit, Sleepy Holo); 2012 things (Connect the Hearts, Green of Hearts, Heart Strings, Remember); as well as some new things just for eBay. It is a blessing that adversity makes Lynnderella creative.

But back to eBay—I think that what will happen is that all remaining stock of past collections will be sold at $20.00 per bottle and then discontinued. The current collection will be sold on a first-come, first-serve basis at $20.00 per bottle in sets of various sizes. Pulling together all that is needed for this new selling effort also means that I'll be able to devote less time to bottling. So far, things have sold rapidly. Moving forward, we hope to have more stock available. Please understand that this is a new venture and will need to evolve. I am reserving the right to change whatever can be improved and probably make a few mistakes. All will be corrected, but unforeseen things may happen.

Some people feel that $20.00 is too much to charge for handmade nail lacquer. It is really okay if you do not wish to buy anything.

eBay takes 9% of sale price, but their shopping carts are very strong in terms of not allowing oversells and other e-commerce problems to happen—crucial features for small quantity sales. Paypal also takes another piece. There is still me bottling, packing, unpacking, sourcing ingredients and designing. Now I have an employee. The store is a commercial enterprise and I do intend to grow, manage and love the business in any way that feels right to me. Remember that word holistic? Like that. But for business.

A price increase of $3.00 had been planned for the new Llarowe wish list cycle. The per-bottle cost was going to be $18.00.

When I posted about clearing, I did not announce the increase because I was allowing a grace period for a decision about removing my products to be reconsidered. I had already been told I was no longer going to be in the store, but there was a very upset person on the other end of the phone and I was really hoping to keep the arrangement going to allow more people access to Lynnderellas. I did not want to leave Llarowe or have customers experience more scarcity and higher costs, but it has happened. If that relationship was still ongoing, I would likely have been sending a large shipment (+/–700 bottles) to Colorado tomorrow.

The true goals of the Lynnderella Project will always be creating beauty, art, prosperity and joy—as well as conducting business in an enlightened manner. I have been aware of questions about my integrity this past week. It seemed like a witch hunt at times and a farce at others. Then there was being thrown under a bus, and that was really challenging. So I have exposed many personal things. It has been a relief, though, to speak up—another unexpected blessing.

Not sure if my forthrightness has made a difference, but I hope that willingness to be open and exposed shows that I am not a person who has trouble sharing information—especially in an ongoing relationship.

Thank you.

25 June 2012