Clearing the Air. After my last posts in March, I vowed to never again speak in the first-person voice on this blog or express personal opinions. I was surprised at being criticized for trying to protect my original ideas from use by others—especially after seeing how ferociously photo thieves and swaplifters are tracked in NailWorld. I thought about how in school, plagiarism gets students expelled, while in business it seems to be perfectly acceptable. I wondered if anyone realized that it took decades of self-work, research, training, study and paying attention to processing visual information to be able to create Lynnderella's lacquers. I thought about the individuals, companies and organizations I admire, and finally decided to continue creating on my own terms and ignore everything else.

I am no longer a member of any board, society or forum. Nor am I involved with any sorority, gang, clique, club, group or network. Friends send periodic nail news updates because I cannot spend time browsing blogs, MakeUp Alley and facebook, or shopping on etsy. For me, the absence of social media and not looking at other people's products has been a blessed relief. For people who enjoy social media, this post will probably offer some juicy and entertaining cannon fodder. I'll be visiting with a supplier.

Please understand that nothing here is is meant to criticize anyone. This is me sharing my experience. Cordial attitudes and common courtesy are preferred, but tolerance is practiced. Future entries on this blog will be about products, but Lynnderella needs to clear a few things....

Gifts, Contests, Early Ordering and Learnderella. I want everyone to know that I regret allowing private orders of my last collections before everyone had a chance to purchase them. I expected discretion and kindness—not flaunting gifts and early orders to people who could not yet buy them, and might have a very long time to wait before they could. It was like watching people throw gasoline on a fire. I was horrified to see what was happening and not be able to stop it. Even though I believe that we are all responsible for our emotions and reactions, I apologize for my lack of sensitivity. I know how it feels to be excluded and have felt the hurt and anger it produces. I am deeply sorry if my actions caused pain and very sorry that I ever showed favoritism.

Moving forward with the wish to learn from mistakes and to allow more people to have a chance to receive special edition gifts, Leah Ann LaRowe has been hosting giveaways of Lynnderellas as well as specially created colours—all supplied by me. Many thanks to Leah Ann for her dedication to customer service, creating the contests, shipping prizes, for moral support and always laughing at my jokes. Not to mention keeping track of and processing so many orders!

In the interest of full disclosure, I will still provide gifts for lacquer-loving friends and send RAOK packages when moved to do so.

eBay. Over the past few months, several people wrote to me about Lynnderellas being auctioned on eBay and expressed concern. Others were curious about who was selling and about limited edition gifts being auctioned. I was curious about the sellers who seemed to have an endless supply. Here is the truth: I cannot wish for prosperity without including everyone in the wish—prosperity consciousness is built in to the DNA of the Lynnderella Project. They are designed to invoke prosperity! What's the problem? Are we still supposed to hide our light? As I have said before, gifts given by me, with love, cannot have conditions—the recipent is free to do whatever feels right to them with their gift. 

Some people seem to have been really curious because they snooped around and discovered that my younger brother has been selling my products on eBay. Why is it anyone's business, I wonder? Why doesn't every ebay seller use their real name?

My brother is someone I care about and wish to help. If you look a little closer, you will see that his profits are not quite enough to live on. But, again, why is this anyone's business? People who know me will tell you that I agonized over helping him, but as the eldest sister, I could not refuse sustenance. What does one do when a family member is struggling and suffering? Is it something that should be discussed by complete strangers? 

I have not made a penny from eBay sales other than the original sale if it was not a gift. And, Zinranger is not the only seller who has had limited edition pieces. It has crossed my mind that if I wanted to take the ebay route, I could vastly decrease workload and probably increase my income. For the moment, I plan to continue producing as I have been to satisfy as many orders as possible.

I have also been told that people suspect Leah Ann of canceling sales from ebay sellers to help me "corner the ebay Lynnderella trade." Not true (but quite funny). The only reason for anything Leah Ann has ever done is to get the products to people who want them and serve her customers as best she can. If ebay sellers are buying up all of the products and reselling, it is wishlist customers who actually want to wear the nail polish who suffer. As far as I know, Leah Ann did everything she could to promote customers getting their wishlists filled.

There is no relationship between my choice to help my family and Leah Ann's desire for happy customers.

The New Collection is called Sweet Somethings for a Summer Solstice, and will be shown here soon. Availability will be announced when possible. 

Past collections will be temporarily retired so that the factory can focus on producing as much of the new collection as possible. Some of the older lacquers will be available again at a future time. Connect the Dots, the original black-and-white glitter lacquer, is still in production.

Handmade for Nails—Not "Off-the-Rack" Lacquer. In an effort to create consistency, I have mixed up larger batches of glitter blends for the new collection. There will still be variations from bottle to bottle. Depending on how many wish lists are accepted, new batches may be made later this summer, and they will definitely be slightly different than the first crop. These are handmade products, and not meant to be as precisely consistent as some mass-produced nail polish.

Email. I will no longer be able to answer emails sent to Private and group orders are not being accepted at this time. Email requests for orders and custom blends will be answered by auto-reply. This policy is in effect only because I need to spend all of my time in the factory to try to keep up with demand. I will check onlynn97@gmail from time to time. Please understand that I will miss chatting with you by email, but need to be strict with time manaagement.

Not-for-Profit Fundraising. It was thrilling to see the response to The Bunny Code, and to have been fully responsible for the concept and production of something to benefit Friends of Rabbits, who handled the nuts and bolts of fund raising and distribution. I hope to conceive and create more projects to benefit other groups in the future. Recently completed are small-scale productions for an art museum and a school.

Bleeding Glitter. Boy-Girl Party does have glitter that bleeds. Intentionally. The reason I let it bleed is that the pink created by a bleeding magenta glitter reminded me of one of the first nail polishes I ever purchased with babysitting money: Cutex clear hot pink. I think they called it "Natural," which was amusing since it was almost neon. I feel that this nostalgic reference worked very well with the concept of a boy-girl party lacquer. I am not aware of any other bleeding issues with other past Lynnderellas. There are two "bleeders" in the new collection.

Other Glitter Issues. Wet 'n Wild Clear will destroy glitter and many pigments. Sally's SuperNails Polish Thinner is also destructive to glitter, and may cause curling and colour changes. Please use the good stuff if you need thinner. Also, Seche Vite and Lynnderella do not get along when mixed with certain personal chemistries. Seche can cause shrinkage, curling and all kinds of problems if used as a topcoat with glitter.

I know that some people have had issues with large hexes and bar glitter curling. Out of hundreds of bottles, only a few seem to have behaved this way. Mysterious. One glitter manufacturer tells me that large glitter is more likely to curl. Another says that heat can cause curling. There are also theories that people who have hot or cold hands experience different wearability. What to do? Use Fortune Teller Fish to diagnose potential problems with glitter? [They do curl....] Many people love large glitter—I think it adds interest. My solution is to use the large glitter sparingly from now on. It will be up to the consumer to decide if they wish to purchase and work with polish that may have a more challenging application and may require an orange stick to flatten a few wayward hexes or strings.

Still not Frankenpolish. All of the lacquers created by me as part of Lynnderella Collections are made by hand, from scratch with lacquer base, pigments and glitter. I am using fewer of the nail-polish-tinted bases from past collections, but that may change. I am not a "frankener". Lynnderella is an artist and a designer.

Labels. This term "Indie" is like nails on a chalkboard to me. I cringe every time I hear or see it. Of course Lynnderella is an independent producer. What else would she be? Certainly not dependent. Yes, I know the word is used to label people who have small businesses. Even though I am one of the first small producers, I am opting out of the Indie Group Label. For me, creating is a joyful opportunity to express a unique voice that has been incubating and developing for a very long time. That's part of why I prefer to be left out of any category, label, list or "directory" of producers with whom I may have nothing in common.

The End? So that's that. I know it was long. I have been writing and editing this for weeks—hoping that if I perfected the language, clarity would create understanding. As of this morning, it was a rather different post. In closing, just a reminder: Lynnderella is and always will be my creation. It is completely up to me to sell, give away and distribute as I see fit. Thank you.

18 June 2012

Remember: The music is not in the piano…
- Clement Mok, Clement Mok Designs, 
found in The Mac Is Not A Typewriter, 1990 PeachPit Press.