Lynnderellas will no longer be available at Llarowe. This is a change that I did not want, but it has happened. The decision was not mine, but now that it has been made, I hope to make the best of it. Thank you to Leah Ann for all of her efforts. I wish her all the best for future success and prosperity on all levels.

As you may know, I did open a shop on ebay last night. The reason I did that is because of the uncertainty of where my products would be stocked. I have often wondered about selling on eBay and thought I was probably foolish to not be the person making huge profits on things I created. The concept for the eBay store is that there will be a variety of opportunities to purchase Lynnderellas. I will offer old and new, limited editions and maybe even a few one-offs.

UPDATE: By the way, if you did not see the items sold last night, there were twenty bottles of Connect the Dots for $20.00 each plus shipping. Along with a varied selection of old, new, limited-edition and one-off products, the plan is to offer buy-it-now and auction sales. Some people will receive gifts with orders. Some people will find bargains and some will decide to bid. This is all very new and needs more attention than I have at the moment. Details and further information will be posted when things are sorted.

Since I have spent many weeks preparing for the new collection and a new series of wish lists, the move to eBay will happen gradually. It is discouraging that available quantities will need to be smaller for a while. I hope that I will eventually be back to satisfying more customers. Patience is appreciated.

Thank you.

21 June 2012