Kitty Climbs a Christmas Tree is a green microglitter with small multiglitter accents in a clear base. 

Icing Glass Garland contains transparent pink and iridescent glitter shards, pink holographic hexagons—as well as pink and silver holographic icicles in a clear aqua-shimmered base. 

Fairy Skating Party is a periwinkle and holographic microglitter with white, silver holographic and iridescent blue accents in a clear blue-shimmered base. 

Sugar and Ice is a multiglitter made with assorted dots, pink and green pastels, transparent red and green—as well as assorted metallic and holographic glitters in a clear multishimmered base. Do you see a deconstructed snowman?

Rad Red Party Dress is a red and holographic microglitter with assorted red accents in a clear base. 

Diamonds in Her Stocking contains matte, satin, neon and holographic diamonds in an intensely pink-shimmered clear base. It may be coal for now, but diamonds are sure to come eventually.

The Deck the Nails Collection will be available today at

Thank you and best wishes for a joyful holiday season. 

25 November 2014

"It" Ghoul is a grey microglitter with a pale gold holographic edge and assorted green, orange, gold and violet accents in a clear base. Something like a fancy gilded graveyard dust.

Ouanga D'Amour is a violet multiglitter that is made with assorted shades and finishes of violet glitter accented with red, green and iridescent blue in a clear violet blue-shimmered base. A spectre of a love potion from days gone by. [Ouanga means spell or potio. Voodoo overtones...]

The 2014 Halloween Twinset will be available today at and

Thank you. 


26 September 2014

ChelSea of Love is a holographic teal microglitter with small tonal accents in a teal base.

Flat Irony is a burnt red orange microglitter with a subtle blackened base. 

NoMad is on an Island is a honey caramel butterscotch gold holographic with gold, copper and tan accents in a clear base.

So NoHo! is a holographic cobalt and orchid with small matte accents and blue iridescent glitter in a strong iridescent and blue-shimmered base. 

Nolita Lolita is a pink multiglitter with a clear pink-shimmered base.

Postively East Fifth Street is a subtle holographic orange microglitter with small assorted multiglitter accents. Clear base.

WilliamsBurgundy is a burgundy holographic microglitter with assorted metallic and holographic accents in a clear base.

Fall in Love is a multiglitter that features an autumnal assortment of holographic, metallic, matte, satin and neon glitters in a clear base. 

Couture at the Navy Yard is a navy holographic microglitter with tonal accents in a clear base.

Just like it's namesake city, this collection is a diverse group. Many of the microglitters seem to glow in tones of what they are layered over and offer many possibilities for layering. Depending on application, most can be opaque in two coats.

Please visit Must-See NoHo for information on New York neighbourhoods. For NoMad, click here. And for Brooklyn Navy Yards, try this.

The Fall in Love with New York Collection will be available today at and soon at Glitter Connect and Norway Nails.

Thank you. 

5 September 2014