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10 July 2014

The Light Year Collection is a new concept. Lacquers will be released individually throughout 2014. The second release, Orchid of the Year is the Lynnderella version of the Radiant Orchid colour of the year—but not likely the last orchid we will create.


Orchid of the Year has orchid microglitter, larger lavender holographic glitter, lavender holographic flowers and tonal accents in a clear multi-shimmered base.

Snow Moon has white microglitter, translucent white moons and hexagons in a clear white-sparked base. Conceived as an offering to the Polar Vortexwith the hope that if enough of us wear it as a tribute, frigid winter will make an early exit.

Orchid of the Year and Snow Moon will be available today at and soon at Glitter Connect and Norway Nails.

Thank you. 


6 May 2014

Bunny Robin is a blend of white and sky blue microglitter accented with holographic sky blue and pastel accents in a pink-shimmered clear base.

Hopster Bunny is a scattered multiglitter featuring neon flowers and countless other glitters. Translucent orchid base with matching shimmer.

Rare Pink Bunicorn is made with pink, white and neon pink microglitters accented with assorted pink glitters in a pink-shimmered clear base.

Bunny Nosegay is a dense multiglitter made with assorted pastel, neon and bright glitters in a clear multi-shimmered base.

Bunny's New Bonnet blends various pink, lavender and yellow glitters in a warm pink-shimmered clear base.

Sweet Bunny Blue Eyes is made with assorted blue and aqua glitters accented with neon pink in a clear blue-shimmered base.

Jelly Egg has pink and purple jelly glitters blended with matching translucent neons and iridescent blue glitters in a violet-shimmered clear base.

Baby Sugar Bunny combines white microglitter with pink and white triangles and assorted pastels in a multi-shimmered clear base.

The Bunny Magic Collection will be available today at and soon at Glitter Connect and Norway Nails.

Thank you. 

6 April 2014